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Images CD


Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

 – Victor Hugo


For me, music creates images.  While being written each of the songs created its own image for me spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.  These range from a mother’s fondest memories of the little boy she once held as he is about to graduate from High School to the hope and agony of soldiers on a battlefield long silent but forever remembered.  As my songs develop, they seem to take on a life of their own, coming from and going to places over which I seem to have no direct control.  It is as though my guitar is but the voice of a greater power.  On previous albums I have related my own vision for each of my compositions, but now I prefer to allow the music to take you on your own journey, free from my own predirection.  May these songs help renew your spirit of wonder and create your own images to the music of life.

Guitars handmade by Lance McCollum -- McCollum Guitars – Colfax, California

NT-3 Pickup system in six string guitar by Pick-Up the World  -- LaVeta, Colorado

  MP3 Sound Clips from "Images"

Journey (Across the Water part 1)  played on McCollum Baritone 12 String



The Ranch


Cheap Wine and Kool-aideMcCollum baritone 12 string guitar

Buffalo Song

Autumn's Song

Spirit Warrior includes Native American flute, percussion, and vocal

It's Been So Long

Silent Passage (Across the Water part 2)  played on McCollum Baritone 12 String

Lizard Rock  played on McCollum Baritone 12 String includes percussion

Steppin' Out

Let It Go

Coming Home (Across the Water part 3)  played on McCollum Baritone 12 String

My Son includes vocal track of my son Jeff, recorded when he was 13 months old.



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