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Jaquie's first CD -- released in May, 1997.  It is a compilation of 15 original songs for Guitar.  The music ranges from more or less traditional fingerstyle to rhythmic two hand tapping. 


Click on the song titles to hear MP3 sound clips.


Going Down In Lilac Time - Inspired by the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas.  


A Change of Mind - For those moments when you just can't make up your mind.  


Acoustic Cantor - A very young cowboy riding a sleeping bag set on a  piano stool while watching "Bonanza".  


Last Days of Summer - Just as the title says.  


When We Were Kids - A carefree time shared with special friends.  


Phase 1 - Written while being a paint contractor, but no one really knows for sure.  


Quiet Man - The man who's always there for me, my best friend and husband, Keith.  


No Parking - As you drive around an extra hour looking for a place to park and walk for what seems like miles only to find a space in arms reach of your destination.


Mood Swing - This song crosses over to different places, kind of like our moods.


Remember - For that special person, place, or time we've all shared and will remember always.


The Painter - Frantically working against deadlines, the painter always made time for "break".


Single Track - The ups and downs of mountain biking.


Child's Play - A celebration of childhood and children -- thank you Jeff and Kali.


Swept Away - An abandoned homestead and the hopes and dreams of  those  who lived, labored, and loved there -- all gone -- swept away by time.


Raven's Pharaoh - Reminiscent of the old black and white movie "The Mummy".




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